The one supreme court judicial districts of The United States of America and State addresses



    country: The United States of America

State: State of the Union

county:  The name given to the principal subdivisions of the kingdom of England and of most of the States of the American Union, denoting a distinct portion of territory organized by itself for political and judicial purposes. The etymology of the word shows it to have been the district anciently governed by a count or earl. In modern use. the word may denote either the territory marked off to form a county, or the citizens resident within such territory, taken collectively and considered as invested with political rights, or the county regarded as a municipal corporation possessing subordinate governmental powers, or an organized jural society invested with specific rights and duties. Patterson v. Temple, 27 Ark. 207; Eagle v. Beard, 33 Ark. 501; Wooster v. Plymouth, 62 N. H. 20S.

: The one supreme court judicial district for the Great Juries.

Great Juries operate much like the customs of a Grand Jury, however Great Juries are not private membership association specific meaning a secret society has no influence on a Great Jury. This means that the Great Juries are autonomous according to customary law. Residents and American Nationals that are not General Post Masters are qualified to sit on a Great Jury and must sign the Declaration of Rights of the Declared Resident and affirmed American National for The United States of America in order for the Great Juries to have any standing.  LINK 

Great Juries can issue an Indictment of agreement, or presentment of facts and findings of a certain event or situation. Great Juries have county, State, National and International jurisdiction to hear evidence of possible wrong doing. Each level has an address assigned and a number assigned to make sure that the Great Jury has an address and identifier.

If you have filled out a resident declaration or have taken an oath or affirmation thereby claiming American National status and would like to serve on a Great Jury. Please contact the Secretary of State at:

Please keep in mind that the purpose of the Great Jury is to either agree that a crime has been committed or present the facts and findings of a particular case if the Great Jury cannot all agree. That is it, the Judicial Branch of the Government of The United States of America carries out the rest of the Judicial Process in accordance with its laws.

The one supreme court was the original court reserved to the people, however the people have not been aware of its existence for a long time. It has a lot of power and authority and must be used with Great care and responsibility. It is a double edged sword.