Understanding the change of address form from the General Post Office!



Posted and published on 05-04-2017 by the General Post Office


Many people have attempted to fill out the change of address form on the General Post Office website without fully understanding its purpose.

This is partly the fault of the General Post Office for not publishing clear instructions on the process.

The General Post Office published a notice offering General Post and General Delivery due to the fact that USPS does not offer these services on a permanent basis. The Notice can be found here: LINK

Here is the order wherein someone can change the address of their person to protect that person.

1: Fill out a resident declaration here: LINK

2: Fill out a Publication Request here: LINK

3: Based on this Notice here: LINK

4: Then fill out the change of address form and the General Post Office will email you a copy to be used as a Notice of Change of Address. LINK

This process does not guarantee that the person will receive domestic mail services fromĀ  USPS under General Post or General Delivery. If the individual would like to receive paper mail and packages, it would be prudent to open a USPS or UPS box under a business name that is legally created and valid. A trust or private membership association will also suffice. Eventually the General Post Office will be offering private mail services to General Delivery or General Post at one of its locations, however, as of right now, email is your best bet for private letters etc…